Three flashes in the pan.

I decided to take the next step and have a go at some 50 word shorts and I ended up enjoying it so much I did three. I used this random word generator and I swear I didn’t cheat – I stuck with the first three suggestions (I’d like to think that pudding/lawyer is enough to convince you of that fact!)




I’m the one that should be on trial. But I’m not. I’m sitting here and all I can think about is killing that lawyer, cutting of his fingers, dunking each one into a thick chocolate pudding and licking it off drop by delicious drop.




Clive fumbles for an insult with sweaty hands.

‘You’re nothing but a trousers perch!’

Something inside him gives a deflated sigh.

Nick just shakes his head and walks away. Words catch in Clive’s mouth but ‘trousers perch’  is all that dribbles out again.




The sunlight is a spear through the canopy. Where it strikes the ground the butterflies bask in its brilliance.

As the detective approaches they rise with a coy flash of their iridescence. What they leave behind cannot follow. He is only small; naked and alone now without his butterfly cloak.


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