Continuing adventures in flash fiction.

Carrying on from yesterday I present my next two 50 word shorts.

The idea is simple – I use a random word generator to generate the words and then have to use them in a 50 word short story. The only rule I really have is that it has to be exactly 5o words. One to five wasn’t too tricky, but six and seven really ramped up the challenge.



She wishes she had eaten more for lunch or maybe broken her rule about afternoon snacking. The canapés are scarce and two of them have featured capers. She hates capers. The conversation is all paranoia about China and the size of their bonuses. All she can think about is chips.


cape/lasso/user interface/thermostat/verb/stampede/boxing 

‘Easy’ his wife said about the cryptic user interface. Stampeding kids disturb him; that verb doesn’t do it justice. They are whoops and capes and his robe tie as a lasso. Suddenly the game is boxing. The living room is the arena. The thermostat is forgotten.


I (foolishly) said I’d try and make it to ten…I’m certainly going to try but keeping them the right side of nonsensical? We’ll see.

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