Flash in the pan!

(I know ‘a flash in the pan’ is technically a bad thing, but there are only so many ‘flash’ related expressions out there).

Tonight I have concluded, as promised (never let it be said that I am not a man of my word – pun not intended) my experiments with 50 word shorts, inspired by ever increasing numbers of random word prompts. The first two can be read here and here.

Today it was eight, nine, and ten random words that had to feature. Suffice to say eight, with Satan AND metal detector in it was not easy at all, nine was almost gifted to me fully formed, or so it seemed, and ten really pushed me to be as economic as possible.


dictionary/user experience/toast/refugee/poverty/metal detector/nurse/satan

A poverty of choices for breakfast so toast it is again. The dictionary says I’m crazy. I prefer to think of it as an ‘alternative user experience to life’. Now I’m off to find Satan with my metal detector (despite what the nurses say!)



Two old boys, faces like slack elastic, just sitting on the porch bench, drinking, guns in their laps. Their own little private carnival. Let them quail come to us they say.

Suffice to say the quail are safe in the woods but them old boys are happy none the less.


Indian/court/nail varnish/rollercoaster/ shopping centre/ pasta/ sandals/ invention/concert/copyright

We missed the concert and ended up in the shopping centre food court. She had Indian, I had pasta. Then she ended it. She was wearing sandals and I just stared at her green varnished toes.

I swear I was invented and copyrighted with unique skills to fuck up relationships.


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